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"Abgesagt" AbunDance Workshop
Samstag, 24. Oktober 2020, 19:15
Aufrufe : 365
AbunDance Workshop


// ANIR LEBEN loves movement in the voice and in the body and hosts different spaces as a singer, dancer and mistress of ceremony. She teaches Contact Improvisation, hosts Singing Circles and gives Concerts, marries people to themselves as the "Priestess of wild hearts and free self-love" and recently founded the "Earthmothers", a project gathering women without human children. In her work she mainly highlights the exploring mind, self-responsibility, freedom and aliveness.
More Infos: www.anirleben.com.


  // ALMA ? OMEGA is a devote disciple to the Deva-of-the-dopest-beat, humble slave to the rhythm, and dedicatedly obsessed in serving the wide spectrum of Soul-Medicine-Womb-Tech Musika-Magika that is flooding the planet: saturating us with life-force, wisdom & wildness, re-activating our innate power, our human hearts.
Alma ? Omega is the co-founder of Berlin-based gatherings Lucid and Cacaophany, and has been passionately opening portals of magic with music-dance-community since she started Djing in 2004. Alma weaves golden strands of consciousness-meets-playfulness, creating alchemical spaces of transformation, celebration, healing and releasing...She is an avid believer in the power of DANCE and MUSIC to elevate & connect the spirit of humanity: allowing us to get back to the basics, our roots, our hips, our hearts, our oneness...no dogma on the dancefloor...just a dream within a dream within a dream we dream together: a dream we are learning to navigate as we collectively Awake.